Professional Fiber Optic Light Source

Fiber optic light source is a light engine for fiber optic lighting systems. It is the first element for fiber optic lighting. Because it will affect the brightness for whole system. And the lifespan of systems is also depend on the quality of light sources.
On last century, light engine adopted metal halide and halogen bulbs as light source. But, the 21 century coming, the LED’s technology developing fast and have been achieved high level. And the LEDs been used in lighting industrial. So now, light source have adopted the high power LEDs as bulbs.
Sanli LED as a fiber optic lighting company since the year of 2006.  Supplying following light sources for global customers. LED fiber optic illumination. RGB LED illumination. Small light engine. Metal halide Illumination. Halogen light source.

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40W/80W Twinkle 6 Color Changing LED Fiber Optic Light Source

40W/80W DMX Dimming Control LED Fiber Optic Light Engine

30W Single White LED Star Ceiling Light Projector

10W Fiber Optic Light Source LED for Home Theater Star Ceiling Panels

10W DMX LED Galaxy Ceiling Projector for Home Theater Ceiling Lighting

4x12W RGBW Color Changing LED Ceiling Star Machine

3x2W RGB DIY Fiber Optic Illuminator for Star Ceiling Car

3W MINI Galaxy Ceiling Light Projector for Car Roof Star

5W Small LED Fiber Optic Source for Star Lights Ceiling

6W MINI Optical Fibre Light Source for Starlight Headliner

5W Small Night Sky Ceiling Projector for Starlight Lighting Kit

3x2W RGB Fiber Optic Illuminator for Theater Ceiling Lighting