Sanli LED: The professional fiber optic light manufacturer & supplier located in Guangzhou China. She is focus on designing and supplying certificated  fiber optic lighting  on all over the world since the year of 2006.

She have gotten a renowned reputation from the global light customers, because of the long-last high quality products, timely delivery time and warmest professional services from whole sales team.

Sanli LED supplying these LED and fiber optic light products on the following.

Fiber Optic Lighting Systems

  1.  LED Light Source
  2.  Fiber Optic Light Cable
  3.  Fiber Optic Pool Lighting
  4.  Star Ceiling Kits
  5.  Fibre Optic Sensory Lights
  6.  Fiber Optic Chandelier
  7.  Starlight Headliner Kits

LED Lights 

  1.  LED Linear Trunking System
  2.  Retrofit LED Linear Module
  3.  LED Linear Track Lighting

These high quality LED lights and fiber optic light are widely used for gardens, fountains, ponds, boats, fish tank, swimming pools, landscape areas, roof ceilings of home, theaters, sauna, cars, hotels and luxury business places.

Company Culture


Our Vision

Became a famous brand of LED and Fiber Light all over the world within 5 years.


Our Mission

Brighten customers & employees’ life.


Our Core Values

1. Only design, manufacture & supply high quality products.
2. Be honest, conscientious and cooperative.
3. We are a strong team, keep moving forward with customers all the time.