Fiber Optic Chandelier Products for Sale

Fiber optic chandelier is a luxury DIY light chandelier. It is a kind of small fiber lighting systems. It is the best choice for hotels, night clubs and luxury restaurants. And it is composed by following elements. First is the 150/250 watt traditional light source or 40/80 watt LED light source. Second is the stainless steel hanging panel. Third is the 3×0.75 or 1×0.7 mm side twinkle fiber optic light cable. Fourth is the crystal end fitting.
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Single Spiral Fiber Optic Lighting Chandelier DIA 0.6M 2M Long

Globe Fiber Optic Crystal Chandelier DIA 0.6M 2M Long

Moon Fiber Optic Chandelier for Home Theater

PingPong Optical Fiber Chandelier Dia 0.8m 2M Long

Flower Fiber Optic Chandelier Product DIA 0.8M 2M Long

Small Cone Fiber Optic Light Chandelier 0.6×0.6 Meter

Circles Sensory Fiber Optic Chandelier DIA 0.8M 0.8M Long

Square Pendant Fiber Chandelier 0.6×0.6 Meter

Square Fiber Optic Chandelier for Sale 0.6×0.6 Meter

4 Rings Chandelier Fiber Optic DIA 0.6M 2M Long

Dual Spiral DIY Fiber Optic Chandelier DIA 0.6M 2M Long

Crystal End Fittings for Fiber Lighting Chandelier