High Quality LED Landscape Lighting Kits

Sanli LED Co., Ltd, as best low voltage landscape lighting manufacturers since the year of 2006. Designing & supplying quality low voltage LED landscape lighting systems. Such as: landscape spotlights, landscape flood lights, pathway lights, landscape lighting transformer, landscape lighting wire.

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PAR36 Dia4.5x6in Brass Outdoor Accent Lighting Spotlight

MR8 Dia1.375xL4in Brass Landscape Accent Lights

MR16 Dia2.5xL6.5in Brass Outdoor Spotlights for Home

MR11 Dia1.625xL4.25in Brass LED Landscape Tree Lighting

MR16 Dia2.12xL5.25in Low Voltage Plug in Outdoor Spotlights

MR16 Dia2.5xL5.25in Low Voltage Outdoor Garden LED Spotlights

MR16 Dia2.5xL3.5in Low Voltage Landscape Spotlights

Brass Dia8xL21in Outside Low Voltage LED Walkway Lights

Brass Dia6xL18in Outdoor Walkway Lighting Fixtures

Brass Dia3.5xL15in Exterior Landscape Pathway Lighting Kits

Aluminum Dia8xL21inch Low Voltage LED Outdoor Path Light Kits

Aluminum Dia3.5xL15inch Outside Low Voltage LED Driveway Path Lights