Outstanding Quality LED Fiber Optic Illuminator

LED Fiber Optic Illuminator is an advanced LED light engine for fiber optic lighting systems. And high power white LED chips as light sources for illuminator. And use the front fiber optic color wheel to make total 6 colors changing or twinkle color changing.
The high power 3W, 5 W, 10 W, 40 W, 80 W Cree LED chips for fiber optic illuminators . And make sure the outstanding quality all the time.

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40W/80W LED Fiber Optic Illuminator Twinkle 6 Color Changing

40W/80W DMX LED Fiber Optic Illuminator Dimming Audio Control Twinkle

30W White LED Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Light Generator

40W/80W DMX LED Swimming Pool Fiber Optic Illuminator IP43

Waterproof 40W/80W LED Outdoor Pool Fiber Optic Illuminator IP43

10W Fiber Optic Light Source LED for Home Theater Star Ceiling Panels

10W DMX Fiber Optic Light Source for Home Theater Ceiling Lighting

Dual 10W LED Fiber Optic Generator for Night Sky Bedroom Ceiling

5W DMX Cree LED Fiber Optic Projector for Star Ceiling Nursery

5W Cree LED Fiber Illuminator for Fiber Optic Night Sky Ceiling System

36W White DMX Fiber Optic Shooting Star Ceiling Illuminator